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Formed with the attitude of "we can do it better, we can do it the best", Bitspy Consulting has provided the web hosting market with a dedication to providing the most complete, functional, and enjoyable product possible.

A Dedication
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We make sure each and every customer's needs are met. Our breadth of services allows you to have a one stop shop for a coherant and complete presence in the digital world.


Performance & Stability. Any website's performance is defined by two simple concepts, connection speed and stability. These two concepts have been the concentric focus on which we've built our network. Our state of the art network includes multiple peering points with Level3 and MCI/Worldcom to ensure a consistently fast, reliable connection. Backup power systems include multiple UPS units, as well as natural gas generators to ensure that clean power reaches our servers at any level of failure, including total electrical blackout.

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